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Dec 31, 2012 2:00am PST
seoul sees its mounting rubbish as a resource. worst case scenario -- why farmers in australia fear the discovery of gas reserves on their land. and kenya's lifestraw -- how a simple water filter is also helping to cut down on co2 emissions. worldwide there are already 20 cities that count ten million inhabitants or more. and projections say that in future, population growth in urban centers will continue to explode. megacities are attractive because they offer great opportunities for individuals to find work. and in developing countries in particular they are often the only place where the poor can also gain access to modern infrastructure. and that's the challenge for city authorities. providing clean water, sewage treatment, electricity, housing and waste disposal for millions of people every day is proving a logistical nightmare. the south korean capital seoul is taking a positive approach to this huge task. there, waste management authorities are beginning to rely on sophisticated recycling techniques and reclaiming precious resources to fuel this metropolis. we take a look at
Dec 3, 2012 7:00pm PST
of the philippines. alerts to shipping companies have been issued. government officials in seoul have seen the scenario before. foreign ministry officials met separately with envoys from japan, the united states, china and russia. it's believed they discussed ways to cancel the launch. the ships have technology to track missiles. they're also considering raising the country's alert status by one notch. >>> euro zone finance ministers approved a loan just last week. now the greeks have announced one way they will use the funds. what's the latest? >> one of the requirements for greek receiving the bailout fund is they cut down their debt. they will buy back government bonds a t a discount. greek officials said on monday they will purchase the bonds from private financial institutions. they will pay 30 to 40% of the original price before the bonds mature. the announcement came a week after euro zone finance ministers agreed to offer 43.7 billion euros. that's about $57 billion. greek officials said the creditor institutions will receive bonds issued by the euro zone's bail out fund instead of
Dec 11, 2012 7:00pm PST
. leaders in pyongyang say they want to put a satellite into orbit, but those in seoul and elsewhere believe the north koreans want to develop technology for a long-range missile, and they still expect the launch will go ahead. south korean government officials told nhk that they confirmed the three-stage rocket was being taken down, and they said it was moved to a nearby facility. on monday, officials in pyongyang extended the launch window by one week to december 29th. they said they were having technical problems with the first-stage control module. government officials in seoul say the defect may not be limited to the first stage, and it may take some time before launch is possible. but they remain on alert. they say they believe the north koreans still want to launch the missile before the end of the month. >>> south korean media have reported on claims that iranian missile experts are helping with the launch. officials in iran say the claims are baseless. >> translator: they're using propaganda to scare people and harm our relations with north korea and other countries. >> the spokespe
Dec 18, 2012 7:30am EST
. and they're running right up to the last hour. nhk world joins us live from central seoul. anna? >> reporter: gene, people have gathered behind me to hear a campaign speech. she picked a symbolic location. this is seoul's main street and she is speaking a short distance away from the blue house where the president lives and works. the election race trying to stay ahead of her main competitor. he represents the opposition democratic united party. moon is wrapping up his second day in the largest city. they had been appealing to young voters and others who are undecid undecided. whoever gets their support stands a good chance of winning. >> reporter: she looks back on the outfalling six years ago. it came while she was campaigning on . >> reporter: she will never give in. she says she appears to conservatives but doesn't reach young voters. candidates are adapted and campaign workers try to listen to what the young are saying. this year they are trouble finding work. the staff promises to do something about the job shortage. >> our saenuri party is criticized for not understanding
Dec 19, 2012 6:00am PST
with north korea before opening dialog with the nation. we have our team in south seoul, covering the south korean presidential election. kaho izumitani has more. kaho, what happened park win this vote? >> reporter: her name, for one thing. she is the late daughter of the architect of the modern economic. park built on her name by portraying herself as a seasoned politician with 15 years of experience as a lawmaker. she used the ruling party's organizational power to her full advantage in promoting her campaign. she focused on the province of shenzen to lock in votes of conservatives and secured the overwhelming support and the support of voters in the 50s and older who wanted stability. at the same time, park distanced herself from outgoing president lee myung bak, also a member of the ruling party. he came under fire over the widening income disparity and corruption involving his relatives and close aides. park even criticized his government during the campaign. >> okay, kahu, we will be back to you in a minute. we'll be back to you in a few minutes. >>> first, let's learn a little more a
Dec 3, 2012 6:00am PST
will be done in coordination with u.s. forces. defense officials in seoul are also considering raising the country's alerstatus by one notch. japan's self-defense forces are on the alert in advance of this possible missile launch. the maritime sdf vessel carrying pac-3 missile interceptors has left its home port in hiroshima bound for okinawa. the pac-3 surface-to-air missiles are capable of shooting down debris should it come near the ground. the interceptors will be placed at several sites in okinawa. defense ministry officials expect the missile's flight path could take it over the islands of okinawa. commanders say they'll deploy aegis cruisers in those waters. they say they would only react if debris from a missile fell over japanese territory. >>> investigators are trying to understand why a highway tunnel near tokyo collapsed. panels on the tunnel's ceiling gave way, trapping people inside. nine people were killed. the accident happened sunday morning along a highway connecting tokyo to other parts of central japan. operators say bolts holding up concrete panels on the ceiling m
Dec 18, 2012 6:00am PST
from seoul. >> people braved the cold and gathered behind to hear park of the ruling party deliver a campaign speech. she picked a sill bolick. she called on south koreans to vote for her. if elected she would work to reignite the country. she will stay ahead of the main competitor moon jae-un. he represents the opposition united party. moon says if he were president he would do more the middle and working classes. park and moon along with four independent candidates have been appeals young voters and others undecided. whoever gets their support stands a good chance of winning. nhk world has the story. >> reporter: a video of the candidate park. she looks back on the outpouring of family sympathy six years ago. it came while he was campaigning and a man slashed her face with a knife. >>> park is reflecting an image of strength. she will never give in to violence. analysts say the edge appears to conservatives but doesn't reach that. park uses other tactics to get their vote. the candidate a's song is adapt from a hit, and campaign workers try to listen to what the young are saying.
Dec 17, 2012 7:00pm PST
the capitol seoul. half the nation's voters live in the region. >> translator: i hope to be in a country where 75% of people will be able to identify themselves as middle class. i hereby make a commitment to bringing this about. >> reporter: the main opposition democratic united party stopped in several locations to broadcast his message. moon blamed outgoing president for worsening people's standard of living. >> translator: the ruling party has gathered its members from the privileged class. if par became president, the honor would be handed over. i would change this dynamic. >> reporter: it's giving park narrow lead but the race is counting down to election day. syria's vice president has suggested that bashir assad's forces will be unable to win the civil war in his country. he spoke to the newspaper in an interview published monday. the vice president said a military or political solution to the conflict becomes less likely day by day. twompblts. >>> two explosions in afghanistan have unscored the security. a government spokesperson said the girls were gathering firewood near the village.
Dec 12, 2012 5:00pm PST
asian markets open now. we are seeing seoul's kospi up and over in australia the benchmark is trading unchanged at 4,583. we'll see where trading takes us throughout the rest of the day. greece is buying back bonds. it exceeds the 30 billion euro target. greece had been seeking investors willing to accept at 30 to 40% of the bond's face value. the program is designed to reduce the debt burden. analysts estimate greece will be able to shave about 20 billion euro's off its debt. this will clear the way for greece to receive a new infusion ofore th bilon eos in aid from the eu and other principal lenders. the organization of petroleum export and countries held a general meeting in vienna yesterday. representatives of the 12 oil exporters agreed to retain the current production target of 30 million barrels a day. they say supply is sufficient and prices are appropriate for the moment. prices in new york of benchmark crude futures have been relatively stable since the summer at just around $85 a barrel. this is against a background of slower economic recovery. opec expects demand for crud
Dec 7, 2012 6:00am PST
>>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." >>> an official in seoul says north korea may soon begin loading fuel ahead of an expected launch of what the country calls a satellite-carrying rocket. north korea has announced that the launch will take place sometime between december 10th and 22nd. the south korean official cited increased activity around the tongchang-ri launch site in northwestern north korea. earlier reports said all three stages of the rocket had been assembled. south korea's yonhap news agency quotes a government official as saying the fueling of the rocket could begin on saturday after the storage tank has been filled. chinese travel agencies have been informed that foreign tourists won't be allowed into north korea between the 15th and 20th of this month. analysts say the decision could be linked to events marking the first anniversary of kim jong-il's death on december 17th. >>> in japan, government leaders have ordered self-defense forces to be prepared to shoot down any debris from the rocket. the defense minister passed on that order to sdf commanders. >> tran
Dec 14, 2012 6:00am PST
a rocket to put a satellite into space. but political leaders in tokyo, seoul and washington say what they were doing was testing technology for long range ballistic missile. tension, uncertainty, opportunity. just some of the reasons why u.s. leaders are moving forward with what they call a pivot towards the asia-pacific. >> the united states is turning our attention to the vast potential of the asia-pacific region. >> reporter: japanese leaders will need to rework their policies as the u.s. shifts its focus. they see a host of geopolitical challenges around them with few easy solutions. nhk world, tokyo. >>> a storm has been hovering above samoa. we've been following that story and the rest of the weather around the globe. robert? >> yes. we've been continuing the watch, bringing some very gusty winds, even flooding rains here over samoa. really the big threat is it is dropping an abundant amount of rainfall and even storm surge right along the north portions of samoa. winds kicking up at this time. continue to trek off to the west. so still going impactsiing the rest save mowa. gra
Dec 21, 2012 6:00am PST
for the right time to try to resume dialogue with counterparts in seoul, aim at obtaining food aid and economic cooperation. >>> japan's incoming prime minister shinzo abe will send a special envoy to meet with south korea's new leader. >> translator: i'm sending former finance minister to south korea to improve relations between our countries. >> abe says he will visit south korea and deliver a personal letter from abe to park. bilateral relations cooled due to a dispute over the islands in the sea of japan. >>> south korea controls the islands and japan has claimed them for years. now a south korean government report has said for the first time that the military is ready and willing to defend the territory. the defense white paper notes the islands are an inherent part of south korea. geographically, historically and under international law. it features three photos of the islands. one shows the navy staging a drill in nearby waters. the report says the military has a strong willingness to defend the islands and has prepared a deterrent strategy. as in past reports, this latest white paper al
Dec 5, 2012 7:00pm PST
in and around seoul yesterday. about 7 centimeters piled up. but we are seeing cloudy conditions, sunny conditions in parts of south korea. however, the next storm system will be moving into the korean peninsula, bringing another round of snowy weather once again on your friday. very cold to the north. only minus 1 in beijing. minus 4 in seoul, 10 degrees cooler than average. moving into the americas, then, after days of stormy weather we're seeing drier conditions across the northwest. although we're seeing some light showers lingering in british columbia. parts of california and snow showers for the cascades and the northern rockies, not too severe. heavy rain, snow and strong winds battering central canada. that's moving toward the east. quebec will see blizzard-like conditions from your thursday. light showers for the southeast coast. other than that, dry and hot for this time of year to the south. 24 in houston. 21 in oklahoma city. getting back to normal across the eastern seaboard. finally, let's go over to the european continent. lots of things are going on. frigid air is blanke
Dec 21, 2012 7:00pm PST
ago and are looking for the right time to try to resume dialogue with counterparts in seoul, aimed at obtaining food aid and economic cooperation. >>> japan's incoming prime minister shinzo abe will send a special envoy to meet with south korea's new leader. >> translator: i'm sending former finance minister to south korea to improve relations between our countries. >> abe says he will visit south korea and deliver a personal letter from abe to park. he'll deliver a personal letter from abe to park. park said she regards japan as a friendly nation but bilateral relations cooled due to issues including a territorial dispute over the islands in the sea of japan. south korea controls the islands and japan has claimed them for years. now a south korean government report has said for the first time that the military is ready and willing to defend the territory. the defense white paper notes the islands are an inherent part of south korea. geographically, historically and under international law. it features three photos of the islands. one shows the navy staging a drill in nearby waters
Dec 11, 2012 11:00pm PST
tonight in seoul, south korea. what are the officials in seoul saying about what happened? >> reporter: well, we have confirmation from forth korea as far as they are concerned this rocket launch was a success. we had a special broadcast on north korean television just about an hour ago. a very jubilant and excited news reader announced the rocket launch was a success and that the satellite had entered pre-set orbit. north koreans have claimed success in the face of failure in the past. so we have to wait for confirmation. we are waiting on the u.s. and south korean officials working closely to together to see whether or not that satellite is, in fact, in orbit. the south korean response, as you can imagine, is one of condemnation. the blue house which is the korean equivalent of the white house issued a statement, lee myung-bak who was called just after this rocket launch to be informed he has been in closed-door meet wgz close advisers for hours and he has an announcement saying this is, this is in clear violation of the united nations security council resolutions. basically the unit
Dec 6, 2012 7:00pm PST
in seoul. moving into the americas then. you had relatively calm day in the northwest but windy conditions will return to the west as the new system comes in from the pacific. intensifying showers with the coastal areas. increasing sea for the northern rock kips. 90 centimeters in. we have blizzard warnings. moderate snowfall for ontario as well as quebec. rain showers intensifying over the ohio and tennessee valley. rain also spreading into toronto as well as new york city within the next 24 hours. relatively warm down towards the south. very chilly in winnipeg. minus 15 degrees on your friday. finally let's go over to europe. severe weather continues in the eastern half of the mediterranean countries. turkey will see the heaviest rain today. wet and windy conditions for the british isle. watch out for icy conditions. rain will spread into italy into tomorrow. lots of blue and white indicating near sub zero temperatures. here is the exthe eended foreca. >> thanks for joining us. to wrap up this edition of "newsline" we go where an annual event is underway to commemorate a tragic earthquak
Dec 20, 2012 7:00pm PST
in seoul could drop down to only minus 7 degrees. let's go over to the european continent. wet and windy conditions are still ongoing across the british isles. severe weather is still lingering across the black sea. lots of heavy rain and thunderstorms. very chilly out towards the east but mild out towards the west. 14 degrees in ma drids and 18 in lisbon on your friday. that's it for me now. up next is your three-day outlook. . >>> that's all for this edition of "newsline." do join us again.
Dec 24, 2012 7:00pm PST
degrees in manila. back towards seoul minus 6 degrees. you'll see minus 13 degrees your honor wednesday morning. in tokyo barely hanging on to the double digits. moving over to the american continent, can't tell you much here. not good news. severe thunderstorms are going to be possible across eastern texas and in louisiana. here damaging winds, hail and also tornadoes cannot be ruled out. this is due to the warm air and the cold air clashing. the cold air is plummeting toward the south. in oklahoma you'll see the heaviest of snowfall. that will be 50 centimeters, which is quite rare for this time of year. 19 degrees. houston looking at 24 degrees. just above that oklahoma city you're looking at minus 2 for your high. let me first show you a video from the ukraine. a cold snap has claimed the lives of 83 people and hundreds of others have suffering from frostbite. temperatures have been freezing over the last nine days. those suffering from extreme cold be get some relief. temperatures are expected to get back to normal. in moscow things are going to still be cold. we'll take a look at
Dec 12, 2012 4:00am PST
missile, ratcheting up tension with the u.s. and much of the world. abc's gloria riviera is in seoul. >> reporter: in a breaking news broadcast, north korean television celebrated the secretive regime's successful test of the long-range rocket. it is the second attempt by the north koreans this year. last year, a similar test failed within minutes after takeoff. this time, the rocket traveled directly over okinawa, before falling 180 miles north of the philippines, according to the north korean government. debris fell in at least three locations. it was detected by a south korean warship on alert. there are also four american warships in the region. the north koreans insist its efforts are part of a space program to place a satellite into orbit. but key allies believe it's an attempt to test a long-range ballistic missile. with further development, such a rocket could carry a nuclear warhead and potentially reach as far as california. analysts do not believe north korea currently has the technology to be a credible threat to the u.s. but today's launch is a step forward if north kore
Dec 6, 2012 7:30am EST
world, seoul. >>> famed brazilian architect oscar niemeyer, who designed his country's capital city as well as some of the world's most distinctive buildings is dead at 104. niemeyer was born in brazil in 1907. he began his career in the 1930s after graduating from a local university. he was one of the architects that designed the u.n. headquarters in new york, a project that began in 1947. in 1956, niemeyer created a series of landmark structures for brazil's new capital city of brasilia. these include the national congress, the presidential palace, the cathedral and the neteroy contemporary art museum. the country of brasilia was later designated a unesco world heritage site. niemeyer was noted for inventive curving designs. the architect continued working until his 100th birthday. he succumbed to a lung infection at a hospital in his home of rio de janeiro on wednesday. >>> a large cargo ship has sunk off the netherlands after colliding with a container vessel. four crew members have been confirmed dead and seven others are missing. the accident occurred in the waters off rotterd
Dec 4, 2012 6:00am PST
the north. just around the freezing point in seoul as well as beijing with minus 21 for the high in ulan bator. shanghai also cooling down to just 11 degrees, and tokyo expecting 10 tomorrow. all right. let's head now into europe. very patchy around here. this is extremely unstable across much of the continent. when i pull back the clouds, you'll see what i'm talking act. we've got low-pressure systems just dotted around the continue innocent. lots of windy and wet weather toward the west and the north. down here towards the southeast, we've got a low moving in that's going to bring some more severe weather in terms of the thunderstorms, and lots of snow. frigid air is descending from the north, and we'll see a lot of snowfall even quite far south into italy and the northern balkans. i want to show you some video coming out of ukraine. now, this is in kiev, the capital. this is the first snow of the winter. now, last friday's temperatures were the warmest seasonably that they have been for the last hundred years. many people found themselves quite unprepared for the sudden change in the
Dec 5, 2012 6:00am PST
added a third and final section at a facility and officials in seoul say workers have not injected fuel yet. authorities say the launch will happen between the 10th and 22nd of this month. the plan has alarmed people in neighboring countries. senior officials have met with their u.s. counterparts to coordinate their response. south korea's chief nuclear negotiator and the head of the japanese foreign ministries headed to washington. they met with u.s. special representative on north korea, glen davies. they will continue diplomatic efforts until the last minute. >> translator: we also agreed that the international community should take firm action if north korea goes ahead with the launch. >> sugiyama said he hopes to visit beijing to discuss the matter with chinese officials. >> they're ignored warnings over the year when they went ahead with a launch that ended in failure. covering the korean peninsula, we see why leaders in the north are pushing ahead despite opposition. >> reporter: the ballistic missile launch will be the second since kim jong-un took power a year ago. it will use
Dec 10, 2012 6:00am PST
freezing point in seoul and bejing, minus 17 in ul lambator. 20 in hong kong. to the americas, you are just getting a smashing of snow over the northern rockies, not too much going on through central and northern portions of the continent. a frontal system moves further toward the atlantic. let's show you what happened when the front moved through. video of the wisconsin. as it moved across the dakotas and great lakes region, plows out in full force in wisconsin. traffic obviously crawling there due to slick roads, but skiers and snowboarders took to the slopes for the first time this year after the winter storm dumped plenty of fresh powder. not everyone was enjoying the snow, however, and there were more than 20 car crashes reported across minnesota. as a result of the early season storm. most of them stuck in ditches or in snow banks. now, after that cold front passes, temperatures are really going to be falling across much of the east. let's show you some of the figures. in chicago, you are down to 2 degrees for your high. 4 degrees in oklahoma city. 11 in houston. tuesday, you will see
Dec 11, 2012 6:00am PST
around the freezing point for the high in beijing as well as seoul. minus 17 in ul-lambatur. 10 degrees in tokyo. shy of the frigid air mass toward the north. 11 in chongquing and shanghai and further down to the south and the tropics, into the 30s there. let's head on into the americas. central portions are looking calm and clear. a storm from the pacific, dropping down from b.c. to central california. chilly showers to post coastal areas. and we'll be seeing some snow, a few inches on the sierra nevadas and moving inland as well. strongest gusts bringing temperatures down in portions of southern california in the next couple of days. out toward the east, we've been watching a stubborn system move away out over the atlantic, but what will be left over is heavy showers in the eastern gulf states as well as in the florida peninsula and you can see some severe thunderstorms erupting there too. here are temperatures. a big drop out in the northeast. new york city, 9 degrees today. 9 in d.c. a drop of 10 degrees between monday and tuesday. further up toward the north. that's your high tempe
Dec 12, 2012 6:00am PST
here are your temperatures as we head on in to thursday. 1 degrees in beijing and 4 towards seoul. 22 in taipei. these temperatures are three or four degrees warmer than in recent days. we're starting to see that warmer weather come through. all right. i want to take you now to europe. central locations enjoying peaceful weather at the moment but a big storm moved through and i want to show you what happened in austria. the snowplows are out in force here but unfortunately lots of cars and trucks slid off the roadways and this resulted in widespread road closures. at the same time, towing services were having to work very long hours as you can see. cars there just in the ditch really dreadful situation. thankfully the fair weather has moved in as this storm moves off to the east and has to move somewhere and see it here pushing in towards western russia. the front is going to be bringing mountain snow towards the north of turkey but the south of turkey is seeing more heavy rain. very unwelcomed rain. the southwest has been getting a drenching this week. now, out towards the west we ha
Dec 13, 2012 6:00am PST
over to rain showers. tokyo, high of 12 for you. seoul, you'll start to cool off as that front starts to move by. and into beijing, just getting to the 2 degree mark on your friday. let's look into the meshamerica. two different scenarios here. wet in the west and staying dry to the east. actually fire weather danger across the ohio river valley at this time. that's going to start to subside though going into the weekend. eventually next week because of this storm system. right now it's actually bringing rain showers and even thunderstorm activity across the four corners. that's going to work its way to the east. by the early part of next week, plans coming out of the east coast, you may want to check in ahead of time. that could cause airport delays. continuing to watch that storm system. pat civ the pacific northwest, similar situation for you. temperatures remaining on the cool side. single digits here in vancouver and seattle. look to the east, atlanta getting to the mid teens here on your thursday. now here's a look at your extended forecast. >>> we're back in 30 minutes with mor
Dec 19, 2012 2:30pm PST
from seoul. if there is official confirmation, what we can expect from the new president in terms of policy? >> she is from the conservative party here. although she has most recently softened her policy stance, she has been promising social welfare programs while on the campaign trail. even a softer stance toward north korea. the major issues of this election were economic issues. a high unemployment rate for youth. hi household tax. she really campaigned on economic concerns. she said a few days ago during a debate that as a woman, she feels she is best at handling a crisis and she is ready to become the mother of the nation. >> you mentioned she would be the first woman to hold this post in the country. how significant is that for south koreans? >> many young south korean women i have spoken with do not really feel that park represents them. she grew up in a life of luxury, pretty much as close to royalty as you can get here. she has not done very much for many feminist causes during her 15 years in policy-making, so people do not believe she is going to make any real impact on
Dec 20, 2012 6:00am PST
her victory. earlier i spoke with a reporter in seoul on the day after the election. >> reporter: the south korean media are busy telling park geun-hye's history, they're going over the twists and turns of the path that led to the start of a late president back to the blue house as president. experts say the high voter turnout helps park win more than 50% of the ballots. some initially thought it would have favored opposition candidate moon jae-in who has widespread support among young people. in past presidential elections, voters in their 30s or younger outnumbered those in their 50s or older. this time around the reverse happened within perhaps because society is aging and birth rates are declining. the 50-plus set accounted for more than 40% of all voters. and they propelled park into the top job. park visited the national cemetery the day after her election win as all president-elects do. then she outlined the plans. >> translator: my dream and hope is to make use of all the hidden potential of the south korean people. we can create a republic of korea in which everyone will
Dec 24, 2012 5:30pm PST
degrees. you can see why that system will be intensifying. minus 6 for your high in seoul. you'll probably see about minus 13 degrees for your wednesday morning. tokyo is barely staying on the double digits at 10 degrees. moving over to the american continent, here, unfortunately, i do have to talk about some severe thunderstorms to come across the region on christmas day. this is a battle of the warm air and the cold air just clashing here and you will probably see some tornadic activity, which cannot be ruled out, damaging winds and also some severe thunderstorms in store there. across oklahoma, this is where you'll see the heaviest snow for your christmas day, on the order of about 50 centimetres. also to the west, we have a pacific system moving in bringing some stormy weather into california as well. temperaturewise, we're looking at oklahoma city just minus 2. los angeles, 19 on your holiday. i'll leave you with the extended forecast. >>> that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thank you for joining us.
Dec 28, 2012 6:00am PST
to seoul next week as a special envoy. nukaga is expected to meet with south korean president-elect park geun-hye and deliver a letter to her from abe. relations between the neighbors have been strained since lee myung bak visited the islands in august. >>> it's been more than a month since israel and hamas agreed to a cease fire in the gaza strip. six israelis died in the fighting. the vit lens violence left many traumatized particularly children. here's the report from gaza. >> reporter: one month into the cease fire resentment against israel runs deep in the gaza strip. militants are showing off the wreckage of a car in which a hamas commander was killed during an air strike and displaying pictures of women and children who were killed or injured in the violence. >> translator: this exhibition is meant to show the barbaric actions of israel against women and children. >> reporter: hamas leaded have viewed as a recession against israel. >> translator: the armed struggle against israel is our path to freedom. >> reporter: a new perfume also hit the stands selling more than 2,000 bottles
Nov 30, 2012 7:00pm PST
and definitely not going to be seeing the the snowfall there. seoul, though, with a high of 3. beijing at 1. ulan bator, though, minus 12 throughout your week. let's change our attention here to the americas, because moisture inflow across northern california, plus these high winds creating a very messy situation. these high winds could be knocking down tree branches, knocking out power to many residents across this area, but not just that. the flashflooding potential. all this moisture pushing onshore is going to be bringing about 200 to 300 millimeters throughout the weekend. so there in northern california you're going to be seeing that very high risk. that is the very high elevations in the rockies, snowfall up to about 30, even 60 centimeters of snow in some of these higher areas. if you have plans on traveling across the area, any flights, do they can in on them ahead of time because this is going to be messy and potentially dangerous. talking about the snow, look at spain. cold air spilling across the north. in spain, that cold air mixed with a little bit of precipitation is ending up look
Dec 4, 2012 7:00pm PST
to 10 in tokyo, about 4 degrees cooler than yesterday. 0 for seoul as well as beijing and minus 21 for la pur. moving into the american continent, heavy snow and strong winds still continuing in the mountains in the northwest. the northern rockies may see an additional 60 centimeters of snow and strong winds. flooding rain continues from northern california to british columbia and northern california may see an additional 100 millimeters of rain over the next 24 hours of flooding rain so flooding is highly likely. we'll see the same pressure pattern as we head into wednesday but from wednesday night you may see a short break in the stormy weather. snow showers in eastern canada, thundershowers from the northeastern u.s. down towards the plains will be easing and the southeastern corner of texas will continue to deal with severe weather the next several hours. temperatures as follows. only 5 degrees in chicago, about 16 lower than tuesday. all right. moving into the european continent, a loss of clouds blanketing much of the content. you can see them over the atlantic. that means fr
Dec 19, 2012 7:00pm PST
in and seoul could drop down to minus 7 degrees. the isobars are close to each other. some of it is reaching the sea of japan. the we will see an additional 35 centimeters of snow across this area into the next 24 hours. that is raising the risk of avalanches. down towards the south the strong winds are quietening creating thunder showers in southern china. some will be moving into the southern islands of japan. moving into the american continent. the next pacific system is moving into the british isles and the pacific northwest bringing another round of wet and windy conditions as well as heavy mountain snow. the mountains will see an additional 40 centimeters snow. we have a more potent storm system. the system will head towards the great lakes region into the next 24 hours. wisconsin and iowa you could be seeing as much as 30 centimeters of snow in a period of 24 hours. chicago you haven't had measurable snow since march 4th this year. fieblly heavy snow is on the way for you. down towards the south, thunder showers to the east and great lakes region, there's a risk of severe thunderstorm
Dec 25, 2012 7:00pm PST
of things happening here in japan and tokyo. we're looking at 7 for the high on our wednesday. seoul minus 6. you saw the coldest morning today at minus 13.8 degrees. but different world here in the tropics, staying in the 30s. manila at 32 degrees. and this is why the storm has intensified into a tropical storm. wukonk is now over the visayas as we speak moving toward the china sea by tomorrow. even though it will be moving away from land masses it will still be bringing gale-force winds into the next couple of hours -- next couple of days i should say, and also to the moisture surging in into the storm luzon, especially on the eastern coast will be brought about 118 millimeters of rainfall in the next 24 hours. so flooding, mudslides, and mudslides all going to be at very high risk across much of that philippines. we'll keep a very close eye on this for you. here across the americas, for your christmas day severe outbreak is still in store across the gulf coast. this could be a deadly one due to the tornadic activities. we already have 14 reports of tornadoes in the past 24 hours, and also
Dec 27, 2012 7:00pm PST
much of china. beijing at minus 2. seoul at 3. but finally we're looki inin ii above freezing digits since last friday. moving over to the american continent, you can see the cloud formation moving to the canadian maritimes into the next 24 hours. total amounts of heavy snow could target the region with 40 centimeters of additional fresh show, that combined with the gusts could reach up to 100 kilometers per hour. out towards the deep south, another round of severe thunderstorms could be likely in louisiana and mississippi. much of this would be scattered and heavy rain on the coastal regions. houston back to 19, so back to the norm alter temperatures. and in europe, a messy picture. lots of numerous gust reports. 79 to 82 across much of the central regions. we still have these several low pressure systems creating precipitation, especially heavy in the coastal areas, with some thunderstorms the on top. but this system will be further intensifying as it moves towards the british isles, bringing gusts of 140 miles per hour, enough to damage houses and uproot trees. precipitation is li
Dec 28, 2012 7:00pm PST
and strengthen our ties. >> prime minister abe is sending former finance minister fukushiro nukaga to seoul next week as a special envoy. nukaga is expected to meet with south korean president-elect park geun-hye and deliver a letter to her from abe. relations between the neighbors have been strained since lee myung bak visited the islands in august. >>> it's been more than a month since israel and hamas agreed to a cease fire in the gaza strip. more than 170 palestinians and six israelis died in the fighting. the violence left many traumatized particularly children. here's the report from gaza. >> reporter: one month into the cease fire resentment against israel runs deep in the gaza strip. militants are showing off the wreckage of a car in which a hamas commander was killed during an air strike and displaying pictures of women and children who were killed or injured in the violence. >> translator: this exhibition is meant to show the barbaric actions of israel against women and children. >> reporter: hamas leaded have viewed as a recession against israel. tens of thousands of their sp supporte
Dec 19, 2012 7:00pm PST
, but this is something new. if just before midnight, in freezing temperatures in central seoul, she addressed her supporters and the nation as the first female president elect. >> i will be the people's president who keeps promises to the citizens. this is the year of happiness we have all been waiting for. >> south korea remains a male- dominated society. just half of the working age women still have a job. if some see this as a transformative moment. >> there has been a glass ceiling in this society. with a woman president, took that we will demonstrate our troop qualities. >> i admit defeat, but it is just my defeat, not not that of others who are hoping to have a new government. i congratulate park. >> there was unexpectedly high turnout. nearly 60% of the 40 million eligible voters came out on the coldest presidential election day in 25 years. exit polls gave park the narrowest of leads, but her support was much stronger. much of that support comes from the elderly, remember her as the defacto first lady to her father after her mother's assassination. it was a time of economic transformation
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